AIPharm Pharmacy Report

This is the AIPharm Pharmacy Report 2022 order page.

This full report included (Once):

  • The 5-year history of the community overall
  • Detailed analytic of community pharmacy at each state and district level
  • GPS location plotting of each community pharmacy and brand on the map
  • Top 5 community pharmacy brands in the state
  • Geographical Visualization of Selected Indicators

Dataset included (Send out 3 times in a year):

  • Cleaned dataset with brand name and GPS location of each pharmacy
  • Healthcare store location and GPS
  • Pharmacy Brand Full list by size of premise
  • District Stats
  • Most up-to-date dataset
  • Send out every quarter of the year
  • API integration is available (PM us for more info)

Please consider supporting us if you feel you need the report. This will fund us to create more reports in the future.

Note: You will be billed by DryFactory.co

AIPharm PharmGIS Report 2022