Streamlit in 100 Seconds Streamlit,  an open-source Python library that makes it easy to create and share beautiful, custom web apps for machine learning and data science projects the most common way of deploying a data science project before streamlit, is by hosting it into a python web framework such as Django, fastapi…

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Text Analytics in Medical Domain

The technology advancement in healthcare industry have helped us generate more and more data, it was estimate that global healthcare data generated in 2020 was 2,314 exabytes which increased from 153 exabytes in 153 exabytes  This article illustrate the application of the techniques in Medical Domain, which are: Named Entity…

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Recommendation System In Retail

Examples of how retail can incorporate the recommendation systems into their business practice. Recommender system is an essential tool that can suggest personalized products or services for a given customer and directly help to increase business sales and attract more customers. t is reported that 35% of what consumers purchase on Amazon come from…

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Automate Google Sheet Reporting

Automatically send the report to your boss every month in 5 minutes! Have you ever collect data with google sheets where the sheets are shared with everyone in your organization for inputting their weekly, monthly data such as performance reporting, inventory reporting, or KPI data reporting? After that, you will…

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