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Automate Excel with Python

This article is under series of Automation with PyWin32.

Microsoft Excel has always been an important tool in the workplace. It is used to create reports, dashboards, keep data and perform analysis. It’s a great tool as it allows us to work with data in a transparent manner, we can see the changes made by every step of data processing immediately. But it is not so great when the data are huge and exceeded the limitation of Excel.

Here’s is where Python come in. With library PyWin32, we are able to access the objects, methods and properties in Excel without opening the Excel file. In other words, we can use Python to modify the huge Excel file, creating filtering, condition and maybe pivoting based on our needs, without being affected by the size of the Excel file.

Smart as you, there are sure some ideas come to you right now on how you can leverage Python to automate your Excel Report.

Read my ideas here.

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